Proyecto Bitmonlab


Project Bitmonlab is a U-tad Centro Digital, s.l initiative which develops disruptive technological solutions and business models in the digital ecosystem. Simple, effective and transparent in its approach to the social world, Bitmonlab uses open standards to create a new generation of utilities in the cloud that propels our partners into becoming key players in the digital revolution.

Factory Holding Company 25

U-tad Centro Digital, s.l

U-tad Centro Digital, s.l is the head of a group of entities working on different business lines in teaching and digital arts, developing technological research, development and innovation projects and producing first-class digital content on both a national and international scale.



U-tad is the University par excellence in Spain for digital content. It specializes in professional training for jobs in the digital content industry which enjoy a high demand on the domestic as well as on the international labour market We have the privilege to count with specialized teaching staff with a wide experience in their respective subjects. U-tad arose from the entertainment industry, but the industry of digital content is so much more than just entertainment: It’s about teaching students to design, programme and generate user experiences through different business models From the founders of Pyro Studios and Play Wireless emerges Pyro Mobile, a company developing top class games and applications for Smartphone and tablet devices using all the know-how.

Pyro Mobile


Pyro Mobile is the games division of U-tad Centro Digital, s.l, and has, thanks to its more than 17 years of experience in top game developing on an international level, turned into a key company in the sector. Currently, Pyro Mobile focuses on creating games for mobile devices and social networks, the latter having reached millions of players around the world as well as thousands of Facebook fans. Among the successful franchise games of Pyro Mobile you will find the Commandos series, Praetorians, Imperial Glory and Planet 51 for games consoles and PC, Sports City and Paradise Club in social networks as well as The Moleys and Link a Word for mobile devices.